2020 Board Members

Jeff Thompson, President       Mark Richardson, Treasurer

Mike Connell, Secretary          Scott Weber

Julie Blaesing                          Rich Lutz

Stephanie McVey                    Joe Switzer

Jill Sollenberger


The Monmouth Country Club has been in continuous existence in one form or another since its original organization as the Monmouth Golf Club on October 30, 1900, with approximately 50 members. The Golf Club was reorganized as the Country Club on March 3, 1901, and D. S. Hardin offered the use of his former residence on East Broadway as a clubhouse.


In 1902, plans were formulated to buy land and build a clubhouse. The group incorporated as a not for profit organization and issued bonds in the amount of $5,000.00. The club was renamed the "Monmouth Country Club." The first annual meeting of the club was held on October 16, 1903, with Clyde W. Woods serving as president.


A 23.64-acre tract of land was purchased from John and Ellen Burnside on October 31, 1902, for $3,678. The original course was only five holes and was laid out by Tom Bendalow in 1903, a Scottish immigrant who designed over 700 golf courses in the United States from 1894 to 1934.


In later years, an additional ten acres of ground were added. A swimming pool was built in 1958. The present clubhouse was built in 1962, replacing the original building. In 1976, an additional eight acres was purchased to enlarge the third and fourth fairways of the course.